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To me, photography is poetry and has changed my life and opened up my world. I was bought my first camera for my 18th birthday. The Nikon D40, that was my entry into the world of photography. I started off photographing ships and anything nautical, something I still do to this day. From there, I found my love for seascapes which grew into my love for landscapes. I love watching the light dance with shadows and mood across the landscape.

I am entirely self-taught, with a little help from my dad. My  style has developed organically and is continuously changing through photographing the wide variety of landscapes and seascapes. If I am out with my camera and I am exploring somewhere new,  hiking or simply ambling along a beach, woodland walk or photographing ships then I am happy and content.

Today I shoot with Nikon DSLR's and film SLR's

A list of equipment I use can be found on my blog.

I hope you enjoy browsing the website so please pop back for regular updates.


I will be adding the function of a shop in the future for you to order mounted prints, please watch this space.

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